ItemKeeper for Biz

Do you use handwritten ledgers or memos for deadline management and inventory management of items handled by your company?
Is the number of items increased and you are not troubled by management? The business becomes more complex and the work becomes more inefficient.
If you would like to manage deadline management and inventory management with data, please consider the "deadline keeper for Biz" application.
We support your business with optimized system for business. Basic functions can be started free of charge. Installation is from the button below.

 Manage item due-date and stock
I wonder if the item to be used for future events
is still in stocks? I am also worried about expiration.
But it takes time to search from the ledger and
can we do it later?

Easy management with staff's smartphone.
You can check immediately from the app
for the due-date and stocks infomation.

 Search function by detailed condition

You can use custom search with the keywords, due-date, current stocks, barcode etc.

 Smooth the team's work with data sharing!

The entered data is immediately linked with other people who share the account.
More convenient in cooperation with KEEPER WEB!

App functions
  • Stock and due-date management
  • Easy registration with calendar
  • Set notes on products
  • An item can have multiple due dates
  • Category classification
  • Diplay today's notice in the list
  • Share data with your staff
  • Barcode registration / search(EAN, ITF, CODE39, UPC-E, QR)
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android
List of usage plans
Plan Free
Price Free 860 yen 1840 yen
After the first year
(1 Year)
Free 860 yen 1840 yen
Data sharing
Max number of shared devices x2 x5 x20
Max number of user additions x1 x4 x19
Number of saved items 20 2000 5000
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* Only shop owner pays. Your staffs can use free of charge.
* If you have already purchased a plan with team plan or higher and you want to purchase a higher-level plan, you will pay the difference. For example, if you have already purchased a team plan and would like to shift to a professional plan, the difference amount of 980 yen will be the payment amount.

Behavior of the product has been thoroughly tested and we responsibly do improving to the defect etc, but we could not take any responsibility for any your loss caused by using this application.
Please note.